Event Regulations

I agree to the following terms and conditions for the Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive:


Participants must book onto the event online except for those registering on the day of the event. Entries on the day are subject to availability and due to increased staff costs to administer them, they will be charged at £45.00 each.


Once entered no refunds or credits can be offered for the event.


The event may be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. Entry fees, however, are not refundable and the event organiser will also not be able to reimburse travel, accommodation or any other expenses that have been incurred in relation to the cancelled event. The event organiser will do their best to notify participants as soon as possible if they have to cancel the event.


It is requested that all participants ride no more than 2 abreast at any time during this event. Traffic lights will still be in operation on the day and therefore should be adhered to by all participants. In addition to this it is essential that all participants adhere to the rules of the road and be aware of and courtesy to other road users.

No refund will be made if you are requested to leave the event venue for unacceptable behaviour, not adhering to safety guidelines or if you leave of your own accord before completion of the event.


Participants must ensure they adhere to the mandatory kit rules – these rules will be strictly enforced. Safety-approved cycling helmets are compulsory. Any participant not wearing a helmet whilst participating in the event will be excluded from the event. Participants must ensure that their bicycle is road worthy and that their brakes are in good working order.


This event is only for participants aged 18 years old and over. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they conform to the minimum requirements.

Medical Information 

This event involves strenuous physical exercise. Participants should consider their personal health and fitness before taking part. Anyone suffering from or ever having suffered from any medical condition, illness, allergy or phobia or who is pregnant should consult their doctor regarding the suitability of their participation in this event. Participants with concerns should only attend following positive advice from their doctor and should make their condition known to the event organiser.

Event Start Times

The event organisers will endeavour to begin each route on time but occasionally some start times may be delayed however you should aim to be at the start line at least 10-15 minutes before your route starts.


We welcome the participation of disabled people in this event though we recognise that this event may present difficulties for those with disabilities. We are committed to ensuring that disabled customers are given every opportunity to participate, so we ask that you contact the event organiser to ascertain the accessibility of facilities.


The event organiser welcomes your feedback on this event. If you have a problem or complaint on the day, please bring it to the attention of a member of event personnel so that they have a chance to put matters right. In general, we consider it unreasonable if you take no action during an event, but then make a complaint at a later date.


Participants taking part in the event give permission for Outdoor Recreation NI to use this imagery for future publicity.

Right to Decline

The event organiser has the right to decline a booking for any reason. In such circumstances a full refund will be made.

Event Disclaimer

I understand and agree that I participate in this event entirely at my own risk, that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards and that I must ride in a manner which is safe for myself and all others and obey the highway code at all times. I am aware that when riding on a public road the function of the marshals is only to indicate direction and that I must decide whether the movement is safe. I agree that no liability what so ever shall attach to the Event Organisers or any other organisation/individual attached to the event in respect of injury, loss or damage suffered by me in or by reason of the event, however caused.

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This event is an initiative of Outdoor Recreation NI, a not for profit organisation